Two times Mery (in production)

Two times Meri is an interdisciplinary project developed in cooperation of Skoro Theater Skopje (Macedonia) and D Theater Prague (Czech Republic). The premiere is expected towards the end of January 2025. The project is financed by the Norvegian Embassy in Macedonia through SMART BALKAN - a citizen society for connected Western Balkan.

Two times Meri is a project that incorporates four different art expressions: theater, photography, music, and poetry which together create a coherent, understandable, and available interdisciplinary project. The performance is conceived in two parts: a theater play and a photo exhibition. It started its preparations through a research process that includes gathering oral histories of people who are or were victims of family violence.  Besides the gathering of oral histories, the research process focused on documenting the reaction of society towards these cases when this problem is spoken about out loud, especially on social media. The gathered information was used discretely as part of a photo exhibition that complements the performing space and illustrates the most common hurtful things said to this victim, supported by old traditional sayings that form the abuser and keep the abused quiet.

This performance directly addresses family violence and the apathy of society and the institutions within it. The family violence exists and will exist, this project does not aim to stop it, that is impossible. But what we want and can do is address society as a witness that has a responsibility too, by nurturing and supporting violent behavior and staying blind when it is happening next to them. By that, we will put pressure for a solution, which is possible only with a collective need for change, which we unfortunately still do not see existing.  This need for change has a central position in the performance Two times Meri, which includes the audience as an active member of the performance, but also a subject to it.