Actors-in-residence: Two times Meri

So, over the summer, D Theater didn’t just kick back – we went full throttle with another round of our Actor-in-Residence thing. Got two Macedonian actors and a jazz maestro in the mix, turning our place into a creative melting pot.

But we didn’t want to play it safe. We dove into some heavy stuff – domestic violence, to be exact. Not just the usual story though – we dug into how someone becomes an abuser, as a result of society’s having their back. The crew, already big shots in their own fields, did their homework before rolling into town.

After three weeks of tag-teaming with the D Theater crew, we prepared a fresh, contemporary piece ready for the stage. It’s not just about putting on a play; it’s a whole new spin on the domestic violence scene, giving a nod to unconventional stories and sticking it to the traditional rulebook.

After a veeeeery long rehearsal 😀

About the project:

So, these actors teamed up with the Prague crew, the D Theater squad, cooking up a fresh play concept. And get this – it’s not your usual one-spot deal. We were aiming for a double whammy, performing it in two places at once. It’s like saying domestic violence isn’t boxed into just one location.

The musician didn’t sit on the sidelines either. They tagged along for the rehearsals, soaking in the vibes and dropping not one, but two killer compositions for the plays.

But wait, there’s more. We threw in a photographer into the mix. They took a cue from the play and went all out, planning a whole exhibition as part of the show. Talk about a multidisciplinary residency!

Keeping the atmosphere high

About the artists:

Working with these incredible artists for 21 days was an absolute honor. Device theater can be a rollercoaster – it gets heated, there are frustrating moments, but in the end, you birth a piece of art that carries the strength and diversity of everyone involved. And when you’re collaborating with top-notch artists like these, greatness is pretty much guaranteed.

Let’s introduce you to the talents that made the journey to Prague to join forces with our crew:

Meet Nikola Risteski, the multi-talented force from Macedonia. Armed with a degree from the Faculty of Dramatic Art in Skopje, this guy’s been making waves in the theater scene. You might have caught him gracing the stage in the national theater and the Dramatic Art Theater in Macedonia, not to mention his numerous gigs in the independent theater circuit.

But hold up, there’s more to Nikola than just acting chops. This dude’s got some serious film cred, having teamed up with the legendary director Milco Manchevski in not one, but two movies. And guess what? When he’s not killing it on stage or in front of the camera, he’s spitting bars as a rapper, dropping tracks and laying down some serious rap for theater plays. Talk about a jack of all trades!

Say hi to Matea Jankovska, the Macedonian powerhouse holding it down as an actress in the National Theater for Children and Youth in Skopje. This talent has spread her wings far and wide, with a track record in a ton of independent theater performances that’ll leave you in awe.

But wait, there’s more. Mateja isn’t just a stage sensation; she’s brought her acting game to the small screen, lighting it up in TV projects on national television. This actress is carving out her own path, and we’re here for every scene she steals!

Meet Aleksandar Boshkov, the musical maestro hailing from Macedonia. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in jazz guitar from the Music Academy in Stip, this guy is a force to be reckoned with. He’s not just any musician; he’s a composer weaving magic with his tunes.

This talented dude clinched the prestigious “Goce Dimitrovski” Award for the best young jazz artist in 2021, and trust us, it’s well-deserved. You might have caught his vibes at various festivals, both in the country and beyond Macedonia’s borders. Right now, he’s cooking up some professional music projects with his Aleksandar Boshkov trio, and we can’t wait to groove to what they’re dropping next!

We’re beyond grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with this phenomenal mix of artists, and guess what? The moment you’ve all been waiting for is just around the corner – pictures of the premiere will be dropping soon! Stay tuned for a sneak peek into the final product!