Actors in Residence: The Last Slav on Earth

So, calling it “Actors-in-residence” doesn’t quite cut it for our first residency gig. We hosted these three insanely talented artists, and let me tell you, their skills weren’t just limited to acting. They threw everything they had into creating something mind-blowing!

We were all in, giving our full support to this wild, interdisciplinary project. Picture this: the incoming artists and their hosts cooking up a whole new language, penning a performance in that funky tongue, and then pulling off a killer stage show – all in just 21 days!

Sure, it got exhausting, frustrating, and downright tricky at times. But here’s the kicker – it was also downright amazing, super exciting, and, most importantly, a ton of fun! Thanks to the magic of teamwork, we all came out the other side better, with some serious skills under our belts and confidence levels through the roof!

Writing session on a cold Spring day

About the project:

So, check this out – “The Last Slav on Earth” is all about, you guessed it, the very last Slav kicking around on this planet. But here’s the kicker – he isn’t just any Slav; he’s the last one still believing in the old-school pagan Slavic religion. And after he has this outrageously ridiculous exit, he’s on his way to meet the big shots – Veles and Perun. The Ultimate Gods, but also the sky and underground bosses, forever in rivalry mode.

Oh, and hold up – Baba Yaga’s in the mix too. But forget the creepy tales from our childhoods; she’s rocking a totally different vibe than what our Slavic parents had us terrified about. It’s a wild ride!

Improv sessions – Day 1.

About the guest artists:

So, picture this: 21 days of pure creative mayhem, as we teamed up with three super cool artists, all from different corners of the globe. Our mission? To whip up some fresh content infused with a whole bunch of diverse cultures. Shoutout to New Vision Theater (seriously, their cafe is dope too) for hooking us up with their space, letting us run wild with our ideas.

Big ups to these awesome actresses who not only brought their A-game but also trusted us to lead the charge and be part of this crazy ride. Curious to know more about these creative souls? Keep on reading!


Meet Aleksandra Ziolkowska, the powerhouse of talent hailing from Poland. This badass actress not only aced her game at the Academy of Performing Arts in Wroclaw but also snagged a master’s degree from the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (DAMU). She’s got the chops, no doubt.

For years, she lit up the stage at Theater Baza in Warsaw, bringing her game to the Theater Studio scene. And guess what? She’s not slowing down. These days, Aleksandra is rocking the independent theater scene, taking center stage in a slew of plays and performances. Watch out for this rising star!




Say hello to Marina Zoukova, the musical maestro with a twist of Russian-Greek-American fusion (yeah, it’s a bit complicated, but that’s what makes it cool). This singer-songwriter weaves together the richness of her diverse cultures into some seriously catchy acoustic tunes, all paired with raw, heartfelt lyrics.

You can catch her vibes on Spotify and all the other streaming platforms, where she’s dropped her first four solo singles. And hold onto your earmuffs because there are two more hitting the airwaves this winter. Marina’s songs? They’re like cynical life observations and grievances that just happen to rhyme, sprinkled with a healthy dose of humor. Get ready for a musical ride with this rising star!




Meet Aleksandra Bulatovic, the Serbian actress with a twist – she’s lived her whole life soaking in the vibes of Dubai. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in Authorial Acting from the Department of Authorial Creativity and Pedagogy in the Theatre Faculty (DAMU), she’s got the credentials to match her passion.

This globetrotting talent has left her mark on international theater productions, gracing stages from the Czech Republic to her home turf in Dubai. Aleksandra’s bringing a fusion of cultures and experiences to the spotlight, and she’s just getting started. Keep an eye out for this dynamic actress making waves on the global stage!




Big shoutout to everyone who jumped on board for this crazy ride. You guys rock! The grand premiere of the performance is set for September 2023 in Skopje, Macedonia, and trust us, we’re counting down the days. Anticipation is through the roof!

Keep those eyes peeled because we’re gearing up to drop more photos and videos, giving you a sneak peek into the magic that went down. Stay tuned, it’s gonna be epic!