The Visitor

In a lonely, isolated world, people crave company more than junk food. Driven by the convenience of consumerism, the market for instant comfort has become widespread and easily accessible to all.
The Visitor shows us our future, or perhaps even our realities. We follow the meetings between two regular people who are fighting loneliness in two different ways: losing their minds and losing themselves in the process.
What would you do if you had no one in this world? Do you have anyone in this world? What does it mean to have someone? Do you need a visitor or will you become one?



Natali Spasova

Director & Playwright

Viktor Buzharov

Actor & Playwright

Aleksandra Ziółkowska


Mariale Carranza

Actress & Choreography

Emilija Duck

Past Performances:

Noc Divadel (European Theater Night), Prague, 19.11.2022

The night of open theaters and exceptional experiences is part of the European Theater Night project, which presents theater in a creative way in a non-traditional form every third Saturday of November. The Institute of Arts - The Theater Institute has been coordinating the Night of Theaters in the Czech Republic since 2013. Every year, the biggest theater holiday offers night tours, theater workshops, discussions with creators, and performances.

Photo credit: Juan David Cevallos


Zlomvas Festival, Prague, 10.06.2022

Zlomvaz is a festival running since 1994. In recent years, it has been a non-competitive showcase of selected productions and theater projects. 

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Photo credit: Juan David Cevallos

New Vision's Playwrighting Festival, Divadlo 21, Prague, 15.05.2022

Performing as one of the 3 selected plays written and performed by local and international artists living in Prague

Photo credit: František Šimůnek

Nablizko Festival, Studio Řetízek, Prague, 12.03.2022

The festival Nablizko is a festival of new and authorial performances at DAMU in Prague.

Photo credit: Shoe Bean

Premiere, Studio Retizek, Prague, 19.02.2022

The premiere of The Visitor at the capital of Czech Republic, in front of a fully booked studio.

Photo credit: Anna Stenzlová