The Last Slav on Earth

The Last Slav on Earth" is not a run-of-the-mill production. It’s a narrative that navigates the complex realms of injustice and heroism, cleverly masked as a clash between gods and mere mortals. This tale delves into the stark realities of inequality, exposing our vulnerability when confronted with age-old traditions and societal norms. All of this unfolds under the guise of a light comedy that packs a punch in the end, much like the unexpected blows of reality. The play is in co-production with SKORO TEATAR Skopje, and is based on a 21 days residence organized by D Theater. The play is written and performed in a newly constructed language by the artists themselves, and it is based on their native languages, Polish, Macedonian, Russian, Czech and Serbian.



Natali Spasova

Director & Playwright

Viktor Buzharov


Aleksandra Ziolkowska


Marina Zoukova


Aleksandra Bulatovic

Past Performances:

The Last Slav on Earth premiere, 27.09.2023, Salon 19-19, Skopje

The official premiere of the performance, at the Salon 19-19, at the Cultural Info Center in Skopje.