Photo by: Juan David Cevallos

Iff Atanasova is an actress, performing artist, poet and pedagogue, coming from N. Macedonia and living and working in Prague.

She is educated in acting, authorial creation and pedagogy (Skopje/Prague), and engaged into looking for the performative through many forms…

Iff is professionally active since 2013, starting with her practice in Macedonia and then moving to the Czech Republic (2016). She has been contributing to the independent scene, creating authorial performances, collaborating and performing with other artists, or working in diverse collectives.

Her journey in authorial approach began in 2014, when she created her first, solo performance, “(Shall) There be War”, an artistic scream and critique to the social and political surroundings in her country. She actively performed it on many locations, including different festivals, open-air, independent cultural spaces, even protests…

Iff goes beyond the classical set up of being an actress. She is in a constant state of searching for the authentic, personal expression which will not put labels on her.

Iff writes poetry and believes in the sound of lyrics being a powerful form of life on stage. She entangles it within her work in different ways.

In her performances, exploration has much to do with the cultural, social and individual at the same time. She approaches her own daily practices and life experiences as a documentary material.

It all together makes her a theatre voyager… with a strong accent on authorship.

Her training and interest stretch in the field of movement, body work and voice and these segments play a big role in her creation. She is very often collaborating with visual artists and musicians.

Iff has participated on many festivals for contemporary art and theatre throughout the Czech Republic. She was part of NEW BLOOD ON THE STAGE, a networking programme supporting young and emerging artists.

She has great experience of working with children and devotedly spends time preparing programmes for self-exploration workshops for adults, through theatre means.

“Emigrants”, duo authorial performance, an intimate cabaret, with Nikola Janković; independent production, Prague 2021

Collaboration with photographer, Juan David Chevallos

Multisensory performance “Cradle, Fragments” produced by Studio More Than That, 2022 (studio ALTA residency)

“On Lyrics and Cleaning”, authorial performance

“(Shall) There be War” (originally “Ќе има (ли) војна”), authorial performance