When you leave an actor alone with their thoughts, what comes out is sometimes funny, sometimes weird, but never boring.

On the 19th of March at 19:30 come and watch six short authorial performances by six different actors from all over the world, all in one night, on the first event organized by D Theater! And where if not in our favorite Teahouse? Check out the FB event here.

Meet the performers:

Viktor Buzharov is an actor and a dramaturg from Macedonia with minor internal struggles. His piece “The Kid VS The Man” explores those struggles in a way that can be described as: “The Wild West” meets “El Clásico” on a mean quiz show, or something like that.

“Mom, dad – I’m bored. I want to go to the playground” ( From Aleksandra Ziółkowska’s Authorial Presentation). Ola hopes that the audience won’t get bored and get on board with her in search of happiness. You can find out more about her by buying her a beer after the event.

Yael Sophia Webster (she/he) is an actor from Nashville, Tennessee, USA. She hated the tourists back home, and she isn’t a fan of the tourists here, either. Let her teach you about walking, local geography, and self-acceptance.

Sasha Wittenski is an actor and writer from Hungary, currently finishing her last year at DAMU. She doesn’t have a quirky bio, so let’s save the jokes for the stage.

Mariale Caranza is a Peruvian actress who misses home a lot, mostly because the winter in Prague appears never-ending. She will like to bring you a little piece of her home country and, if we are lucky, maybe some sunbeams and the sweet air of the Amazonas.

Here is what other people have said about this event:

I don’t know what an authorial presentation is

my friend, facebook chat, 2023

I don’t understand English, so what’s the point in attending?

my mother, Skopje, 2023

Stop following me, I don’t know you!

random person on the street, 2023

Don’t miss the chance to be just as confused!

See you on Sunday!

D Theater Team