D Theater stands as a testament to the triumphs of expats navigating the labyrinth of Czech administration, emerging victorious in the establishment of a theater. At our core, we are on a mission – a mission to cultivate, showcase, and bring to life new, authentic, and authorial works crafted and performed by a blend of international and local artists. We're not just about producing plays; we're about creating a platform for artistic exploration.

In our realm, creativity knows no bounds. We produce our own plays, play host to riveting residencies, join forces with other theaters in collaborative productions, and orchestrate an array of workshops and events – both formal and informal. Simply put, we're game for anything that's fresh, original, and has that undeniable spark in your eyes when you talk about it.

But, we do have a couple of rules – rules that define us. First and foremost, the work must be original, never having graced the stage before. Second, we're green through and through. This means we embrace sustainability, using recycled and reused materials in our productions whenever possible, and traversing the world with only the greenest of transports.

We are heavily invested in exploring different societal problems in our performances and strongly support all fights for equality.

In the world of D Theater, innovation is our currency, and creativity is our language. Welcome to a space where the stage is a canvas for boundless possibilities.

Check out the four branches of theater plays we generally produce: